Cultural events

Exposition: Alegría y Piñeiro: Otro Lugar

«Otro lugar» opens up a new avenue of investigation in the work of Alegría y Piñero. The voice, the fundamental theme of their artistic project, is now blurred by a specific effect that deforms the intelligibility of speech to the point of losing all possible understanding: reverberation. This new condition leads them to speculate on the vibration of a voice that expresses without language.


Following the tradition of «art in public spaces», sculptural pieces, interventions, installations and mural paintings are presented that have been installed in different spaces of the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art…

Visit to the Hospital de la Caridad de Sevilla

Hospital de la Caridad:

The church and hospital of Santa Caridad is a 17th century building, belonging to the Sevillian Baroque, headquarters of the charitable institution promoted by the philanthropist Miguel de Mañara in the 17th century.

Bellver museum

The Fabiola House in Seville hosts the ‘Mariano Bellver Art Donation’.

More than 500 artistic pieces that have been moved from Mariano Bellver’s house to Casa Fabiola are distributed in 12 rooms around the main patio.