Bellver museum

Place: Bellver Museum, Seville Calle Fabiola, 5

Exhibition available all year round: Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm (last entry at 7pm). July and August, Casa Fabiola extends its schedule by one hour (ticket sales office closes at 8:00 p.m.).

Price: 3€ with reductions of 25% for students and retirees.

The Fabiola House in Seville hosts the ‘Mariano Bellver Art Donation’.

More than 500 artistic pieces that have been moved from Mariano Bellver’s house to Casa Fabiola are distributed in 12 rooms around the main patio.

The collection includes works by Gonzalo Bilbao, García Ramos and Jiménez Aranda, but also important sculptures (Martínez Montañés), porcelain or furniture, as well as an important set of cabinets.

The Bellver Collection is made up of 567 pieces:

299 paintings

18 marble sculptures

7 ivory sculptures

31 polychrome wooden sculptures

13 watches

44 furniture

42 ceramic and porcelain pieces  

50 bone and ivory figures 

63 clay and bronze figures

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