‘Manichromatic. Color transformations in the work of Luis Gordillo’

Where: Espacio Santa Clara
Entrance to the museum: Calle Becas, s/n.

When: from Friday, February 18 to February 28.

Shedule:Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mondays, except holidays, closed.

Price: free entry.

Color in the work of Luis Gordillo has always been paramount. It should not be forgotten that even for many artists, certain ways of choosing and applying color have turned them into thick colors.

This exhibition is dedicated to his chromatic drifts. Color as a motor of serialization and change is, as soon as we look at it, one of the keys to his work, and especially the most recent one in which the infinite combinatory possibilities with the computer have become a source of substantial discoveries.

In the show we will enjoy already consolidated pieces such as ‘Variaciones del Trio Gris y Vinagre’ (1977), ‘Variaciones del Andarín Cabezón’ (1978) or ‘The lungs are not the souls, mountain version’ (1996) to reach more recent works such as ‘My dear Ant’ (2008), the series ‘Coloring book’ (2016) or ‘The Transmigration of souls’ (2020).

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